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The better question is why would you not hire the most specialized, focused law firm available?  Our belief is that Washington State Law can be unfair to men.  Many of the laws were written long ago for a different generation and are a bit sexist.  Perhaps there was a time when a father's job was to work and a mother's to raise the children. For that generation, it was important to have laws governing divorce that did not strip children from the only parent they really knew, the mother - and to not leave her broke simply because she was the parent who stayed at home.  So the laws in Washington and other states developed to protect the wife - to make sure she got the children; half the money; child support and a whole bunch more.


The inconvenient truth is that those laws are no longer fair, if they ever were.  Today's dads are actively involved in their children's lives.  They actively participate in raising them.  More often than not, the wife works outside the house.  There is no longer a compelling social reason to take children from their fathers and to strip fathers of their money to enrich the wife.  Yet those laws are still on the books and judges are compelled to vigorously enforce those laws.  The only thing you can do is to hire the best attorney you can.


A Focused Attorney Usually Means A Better Attorney:


If you had a serious illness and you had to pick just one doctor, would you want one who specializes in treating and curing only that serious illness, or a doctor practicing in more than one serious illness?  All things being equal, the choice seems obvious, the more focused, the

better.  At least that is our philosophy.  We believe in this philosophy so much that we have decided to walk away from fifty-percent of the available family law clients.


Why do other attorneys represent both men and women?  Simple - they desire the chance to have more clients and of course they want more business.  Why do we represent just men in family law matters?  To be clear, we like and appreciate business too and would like as much as we can responsibly handle.  But we also believe that the amount of business we have is directly proportionate to the value we give our clients.  By doing one thing really well, over and over again, we believe we offer exceptional value to men.  Offering exceptional value to fifty percent of the family law customers is better, in our opinion, than offering even slightly less value to one hundred percent of the available customers.


So give us a call and let us see what we can do to help you right now with your family law issues.


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Spokane Family Law Attorneys who get Results.  Fathers facing divorce in Spokane hire the attorneys at For Men because we are on your side and we get results. We know family law and have a narrow focus of getting dads everything they deserve and nothing less.


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