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Representing men in divorce cases is serious business.  You are the underdog.  In custody matters, the law in Washington favors the parent who has been the primary care provider - usually the wife.  In dividing

the things that you worked for like your money, your home, your cars, your retirement account and your business, the law favors the spouse who made the least money - usually the wife.  In splitting debt, the law favors the spouse who spent the most - sometimes the wife.  In calculating child support, the law often favors the wife.


Sorry - no attorney can change these laws - least of all attorneys who also represent women.  But like life, divorces can be a game of inches. Those inches may make the difference between fair and unfair; between winning and losing.  For good attorneys, those inches are everywhere. That's what we do.  It's that simple.  We find and fight for every inch we can.  If the laws favor your wife - what advantage can you have? None other than the lawyer you hire. If you want a fair divorce, sometimes you cannot afford to give up a single inch; you cannot afford to hire the wrong attorney; to say the wrong things in front of your wife or children; or to act the wrong way at the wrong time.  We know it is hard to relax at a time like this - but after hiring us, we will take over and that's really all you can do.


We hope our reputation alone will make things easier for you.  Imagine when your wife finds out that you have hired For Men Family Law, the ONLY Law Firm based in Spokane and Eastern Washington focused on just men's rights in divorces. Maybe she will have second thoughts about any plans she may have of trying to take you to the cleaners or to take the kids away from you.  Divorce does not need to be ugly and frankly ugliness is never good for anyone - especially the kids.  So we do not recommend that -  but if she wants to go there, you will be prepared.


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